Apollo Energy Gum contains more of the natural, low-calorie sweetener Xylitol than any other chewing gum which has been proven to benefit oral health, prevent cavities and strengthen tooth enamel.

Fast Acting Energy

Fast Acting Energy

Apollo's unique Liquid Core™ releases Natural Caffeine from Green Coffee Beans, plus B vitamins, on the first chew giving you a super-fast energy boost.

Portable Energy


One pack of Apollo Energy Gum contains 5 pieces/servings. Throw a pack in the Apollo Capsule and take it with you to the gym, on a ride, or keep it at your desk for a quick energy boost any time.

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Apollo Energy Gum Fuel Station

Apollo Energy Gum Fuel Station

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  • 15 Packs or 75 pieces of Apollo Energy Gum
  • Liquid Core™ containing ~80mg of Natural Caffeine per piece w/ B Vitamins
  • Xylitol for Healthy Teeth
  • Zero Sugar - Zero Aspartame


"Best energy gum EVER! I take one piece before I go to the gym. Give it a try! #belimitless"

Yulia P.

"Tastes great and it's a way easier way of getting energy and caffeine compared to coffee!"

Tyler P.

"Apollo Energy Gum is a fantastic product that I rely on to give me the energy I need, quickly and conveniently."

Reed S.

"For me, Apollo is an invaluable tool that empowers me to perform at my best in any situation."

Amber C.

"I found Apollo when I was a 4th year student at Columbia Dental School.  Now Apollo makes it easier to get the energy boost I need when I’m with my patients at clinic."

Ryan C., DDS

"Great way to boost energy. No jitters, haven't really even noticed a "crash" A++ would recommend for sure!"

Callen H.

"Apollo Energy Gum is the best energy gum to date. Long lasting great taste, chews nice, and provides an energy that will keep you going."

Brian D.

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