What sets us apart from other functional chewing gums is that we decided to leave out the sugar, the aspartame and other unnecessary ingredients. We chose to actually listen to our dentist for once and sweeten with Xylitol for an amazing flavor that also promotes oral health. As a bonus, our Liquid Core® Gum Products have more Xylitol than any other chewing gum in the WORLD!

Rest assured - we are always vegan & gluten free. 


Apollo Energy Gum® is THE best energy delivery system specifically because each piece is large enough to hold the active ingredients, including ~80mg of natural caffeine and vitamins in the liquid center and the delicious spearmint shell can stay soft and flavorful for an hour or more. This allows you to chew longer and promote cognitive benefits like increased focus, memory recall and concentration. 

You can't chew your coffee mug or an aluminum can!

Portable Energy


No more mixing powders, running late to stop for a coffee or keeping cans cold just to stay awake and/or prep for a workout. A pack of Apollo Energy Gum® fits nicely in your bag or pocket so you can take it wherever you need to some extra focus or energy during your day!

Pro-Tip: We recommend chewing before or during a workout, at the office when prepping for a meeting, while studying for and while taking a test, before a party and more!


(Continental US Only)

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