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  • #ApolloMission

    5th January, 2018 • #ApolloMission

    Welcome to 2018! We hope you all had a relaxing and rejuvenating 2017.


    Today we want to announce to you #ApolloMission – an opportunity for you (and us!) to better ourselves in 2018. Here’s how it will work



    1. At the beginning of each month Apollo athlete Danny Weiland will identify a theme for that specific month.


    2. Based on the theme of that month, you set your own goal.


     – We want to help you launch your goal because we know how hard it can be to just get started. So for us to help you get started, every person that posts their #ApolloMission launch video to Facebook or Instagram will receive 2-Packs of Apollo Energy Gum.


    3. Upload your launch video to Facebook or Instagram w/ the hashtag #ApolloMission


    We encourage you to post your progress updates and the completion of your goal. Remember to put the hashtag #ApolloMission in each post so we can easily monitor your progress and cheer you on throughout!


    For everyone that completes their #ApolloMission each month we will choose the 10 best submissions and they will receive a FREE Apollo Energy Gum 5-Sleeve as your reward.


    For January 2018 the #ApolloMission goal is physical betterment. This goal is specific to YOU.


    Haven’t left the house in a while? Go on a walk. Crossfit junkie? Enter a competition. Wanting to build upper arm strength? Do a pushup or 5. Just start!


    Bettering yourself means something different for every single person. Whether that means going on a run, studying for a midterm, prepping for a meeting with your boss, or B.A.S.E. jumping off a cliff, we want to see it.


    Danny will set his goal at the beginning of each month and upload an update at the end of each week. Then, during the first week of the next month, we start all over again.


    Show us what you got!