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Welcome to the FUTURE.

The future of clean, portable energy that is GOOD for your body, mind and soul is HERE.

No matter who you are, Apollo will help you to energize your dreams:

– career hustler
– busy parent
– avid hiker and adventure seeker
– extreme sport enthusiast or athlete
– college student

Fast, portable and affordable energy for everyone.

Apollo was created by passionate people just like YOU, who push through limits and fight for their DREAMS every single day.

Are you ready to LAUNCH YOUR DAY?

  • 80mg of caffeine

  • zero sugar

  • xylitol for healthy teeth

  • natural flavors and colors

  • fast energy

  • immune system

No Aspartame

No Acesulfame

B12 B6

*Apollo is intense. Each piece of Apollo Energy Gum is equivalent to an average serving of some energy drinks or energy shots.

Our Story

Apollo Energy Gum is a life-long vision by Troy Widgery, the founder of GoFast! Energy Drink. For over two decades, Troy and his team have been involved with extreme sports and extreme athletes. As the community was busy trying to keep their energy levels high, Apollo Team saw the need to find a healthier energy alternative to the traditional energy supplements.

Our mission is simple: find the healthiest form of energy with the best delivery system. It took a team of gum chemists and flavor experts 8 years and 633 test formulas to create the world’s best energy gum. Every ingredient was carefully selected with no added junk. What was left is clean, simple, and effective energy to keep your body in motion and mind focused. Apollo is the most portable source of energy that you can fit in your pocket and bring anywhere in the world with you.

“Apollo Energy Gum is on a MISSION to inspire people to find their true passion and go beyond their dreams.” -Troy

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